What You Need to Know About Smithfield Foods Company


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Smithfield Foods Company is known for its high-quality foods. A large number of people love the company due to its great taste of foods, pocket-friendly prices, and outstanding quality. In addition, customers are guaranteed of getting fresh and processes animal products including pork. The company believes in the right way of doing business and as a result, sustainability is their culture. Sustainability is key in the business operations including the way the business runs its farms and plants, the products it produces and the way it treats the employees and the community at large.

Moreover, the company boasts about its large employees. It has over fifty-four thousand employees worldwide that are major players to the company's success. The fruits of the labor of the employees are also enjoyed by the surrounding communities. With the large employee base, the company is a key player in solving unemployment in various regions where it has branches thereby improving the economy of the areas. To read more about this company, click this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smithfield_Foods.

Smithfield food is also a key player in environmental conservation. The company attempts to reduce its environmental footprint by coming up with a system that can lower its impact on the environment thereby encouraging environmental efficiency. It is worth noting that environmental conservation at Smithfield is not only practiced at the managerial levels, but also the employees take part in the conservation programs. The employee contributions have also been invaluable in helping the company reduce its impact on areas such as energy, water, solid waste and greenhouse gas emission. For instance, the employees are cautious of the type of field they feed the animals and practice proper disposal of the animal wastes to ensure that they do not pollute the surrounding.

One of the main reason as to why the company has a large client base is their food quality. The company's mantra concerning food quality is if they do not feel confident about serving a product to their own families then they are not going to sell to consumers. It is worth noting that the company treats their clients as their families and the food they produce and sell need to meet the quality standards. Producing, and selling high quality and nourishing food is vital to the company's existence. And as a result, their customers trust every product they purchase from the company. One of the ways in which the company maintains food safety is by practicing safety on the farm by adopting measures geared towards ensuring that the feeds and the products used on the animals are safe and of high quality.